Le Baravin was founded by the French couple Caroline Moisson and Anthony Mariotti.

After years of working for the radio and TV as journalists, they decided to turn their love of French wine and cuisine into a business by opening the first French wine bar in Amsterdam.

A wine bar where you can only order French wines and French dishes made with French products.

With over 100 bottles of wine available by the glass, Le Baravin is unique in the Amsterdam wine bar scene. Situated in the bustling Pijp area of Amsterdam, Le Baravin is a place for people who share their passion for good wine. Their extensive wine list is also accompanied by superb matching bites. They serve also one ‘plat du jour’ and one ‘dessert du jour’ but they are in limited amounts.

The philosophy behind Le Baravin is to provide their customers with quality service, sublime wine and food. They’re also happy to provide advice on the best wine that will suit your tastes.

Le Baravin is truly France in a glass

The owners of Le Baravin

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