Wine Of The Week ‘Belle Dame’ Domaine Vacheron 2011

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Sancerre ‘Belle Dame’ Domaine Vacheron 2011: The Grand Cru of Sancerre red wines.

« The ‘Belle Dame’ is queen and perhaps the most impressive wine of a remarkable estate. »—The Wine Advocate
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The Domaine Vacheron, a family-owned company, is the leading Sancerre’s winemaking clan.
The pinot noir, coming from a 50 years old single-vineyard composed by pure int (silex) soils, is harvested and scraped 100% by hand.
After maceration and fermentation in upright wooden fermenting casks on indigenous yeasts. The wine is aged 18 months in French oak barrels before being bottled without fining and filtration.
We fell in love with its deep red colour with a nose of black cherries, blackberry jam, cassis, praline.The palate is slightly spicy, thanks to the pure flint soils, with fine tannins and a silky finish. This wine is just the pure expression of its terroir and the savoir-faire of the Vacheron’s.
Enjoy the Belle Dame on a duck breast, grilled lamb or beef or Crottin Chavignol, more generally aged French cheeses.
Sancerre 'Belle Dame'
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